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BC Approach

As concerns have increased in the process industry about the possible consequences of effects such as fires, explosions, and hazardous dispersions, so has the need for accurate predictions of such increased effects.


The predictions have improved by carrying out experiments to ensure a better understanding by developing mathematical models, from simple experimental correlated-based methods, phenomenological modeling, up to advanced and modern Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) modeling such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Clearly, which technical approach is the most appropriate to be considered is directly a function of the purpose, scope, and objective of the analysis.




BC will always argue the need to account for the fluid-geometry interaction when analyzing potential hazardous outcomes and/or potential Layers Of Protection (LOP) to be designed and installed in the process industry.



BC uses advanced, modern, validated, and robust computer software tools to simulate performance in order to assist in the resolution of engineering problems including simulation, validation and optimization of processes-systems featured in the process industry; i.e., CAE procedure, which requires the completion of the following generic tasks:

  • Pre-processing, which requires the characterization of the process-system; e.g., system geometry development and representation, physicochemical properties of the system, boundary conditions or constrains.

  • Solving, which applies the appropriate mathematical formulation of the underlying physics; e.g., CFD, FEA.

  • Post-processing, which requires the representation of the results to be analyzed.



¿Is it worth providing our clients with robust, accurate and elegant solutions for Best Decision-Making Process? The answer is easy: Absolutely YES!.

The benefits of BC approach include reduced cost and time for technical solutions to be considered for decision makers during any phase of the process-system life cycle.


¿What if BC can perform detailed analyses using sophisticated tools being as cost-effective as other competitors who use more conservative approaches?


Accurate Calculations, Robust Results, and Elegant Cost-Effective Solutions

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