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Hazard Identification

Consequence Analysis

Frequency Analysis

Risk Calculation


Process Safety (PS) Analysis


BC lists "generic" services that are available when developing the PS Analysis phase. Other non-listed "specific" evaluations are also developed by BC according to your needs.

PS Analysis tasks are considered as "intermediate" services, which are focused on providing the proper information to complete assessments, and other design or review studies defined in the subsequent phases; i.e., PS Assessment, and PS Measures.

BC Services:


  • System/Process Model Definition / Representation

  • Identification of Loss Of Containment Scenarios

  • Source Term Modeling

  • Ventilation / Dispersion Modeling

  • Fire Modeling

  • Explosion Modeling

  • Estimation of Loss Of Containment Frequencies

  • Estimation of Final Outcomes Frequencies

  • Estimation of Risk Levels

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Accurate Calculations, Robust Results, and Elegant Cost-Effective Solutions

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